June 1st – The Rolling Stones live in Madrid

Gates are open, the tribes are gathering. As we expect 2 band as openers (Sidonie and Vargas Blues Band featuring John Byron Jagger – son of Mick’s brother!), the Stones will go on stage a little later, like 10 PM… and yes, that’s true! Look at the timetable picture in the gallery below…

Now playing Honky Tonk Women – the band sounds GREAT!

=> Setlist:

    1. Street Fighting Ma
    2. 19th Nervous Breakdown
    3. Sad Sad Sad
    4. Tumblin’ Dice
    5. Out Of Time
    6. Beast Of Burden
    7. You Can’t Always Get What You Want
    8. Living In A Ghost Town
    9. Honky Tonk Wome
      Introductions + Happy Birthday to Ronnie with huge amounts of confetti …
    10. Happy
    11. Slipping Away
    12. Miss You
    13. Midnight Rambler
    14. Start Me Up
    15. Paint It Black
    16. Sympathy For The Devil
    17. Jumping Jack Flash
    18. Gimme Shelter
    19. Satisfaction

=> Videos, Livestreams:

Tinot stopped after JJF – Thanks to the man for 1:30 hours streaming !!

Juan is still running with the encores!

Tinot on Facebook  – NOW Finished! Tinot still running fine: Out Of Time – picture sucks a little, sound is ok!

YouTube – Wanda: the first songs – now finished

Juan on Twitter:

Picture gallery:

Ronnie plays solo on Beast Of Burden during the soundcheck today:


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