Yes, it’s about time to let the tigers out, as Keith said…

Today, The fuckin’ Rolling Stones once again hit the stage for the first gig of their SIXTY-tour of Europe in Madrid.

Doors at will open at 6:30 PM, concert starts at 8:30 PM – with 2 bands as special guests the Stones will start late today…

Sure enough, I will try to find streams from the gig so that we all can join in tonight!
In case you go there and plan to stream: please just leave a comment below!

The band did a soundcheck this afternoon. EdBmusic had some 3:40 minutes of Sad Sad Sad uploaded to YT. Lot’s of echoes, but still… enjoy!

Keith says happy birthday to Ronnie; “See you on stage tonight!” – LOL!

And Ronnie thanks everyone dearly:

Mick, as usual, was particularly busy walking around in Madrid – again without becoming recognized – and enjoying various places, music and art:

Keith informed us yesterday, that one of the crew found the same type of cassette deck on the flea market, as the one he recorded Satisfaction on… really nice!

And the band enjoyed a flamenco concert in the city. Here we have some paparazzi-style video from YT for some glimpses of them…


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