Alright – Amsterdam Aftermath

The Rolling Stones - Amsterdam, 7. 7. 2022

The Rolling Stones delivered at Amsterdam!

I can tell because even from following the streams, I had the impression, that this was another great show of this tour by the band.

But, you know, listening to online streams and being there are two very different things! So I’m really happy, that Erwin sent in some lines of his experience of this gig. See the lines below.

But that’s not all: Erwin is the author ot a VERY cool Stones book, that everyone interested in this band should check out! It’s called “Tourbook ’72” and it’s only focus is … you guessed it … The Rolling Stones STP Tour 1972 – A Blueprint from the Greatest Tour Ever” – 326 pages, 1.5 kg weight: a must-have I say, even before reading it, just by looking at it and flipping through the pages. More on this later…

Now here for the review, Erwin sent:

I was at the show with my wife and 3 kids and future son in law.
We were on the field in the cheap section but front row from that area.
We had a real good time. Jagger was absolutely phenomenal. The guitar boys have had better days but sounded as they should: loud and mean.
It was great to hear SV and CYHMK. I was absolutely thrilled that in the mid section of MR they suddenly played a snippet from “Hellhound on my trail”. Believe this is from Robert Johnson.
Don’t know if they do that all the time on this tour?? For me it was the first time to hear this. The warhorses made me glad and happy.
The encores gave me a kind of a sad feeling. Sad that this was probably the last time.
Great that they still are able to bring 50,000 in a wonderful mood.

And here is the Amsterdam show in videos:

1 – Street Fighting Man

2 – Let’s Spend The Night Together

3 & 4 – Tumbling Dice, Out Of Time


5 – Sweet Virginia


6 – You Can’t Always Get What You Want


7 – Living In A Ghost Town


8 – Can’t You Hear Me Knocking

9 – Honky Tonk Women

10 – You Got The Silver

Another good one: YouTube

11 – Happy

12 – Miss You

13 – Midnight Rambler

14 – Paint It Black

15 – Start Me Up

16 – Gimme Shelter

17 – Jumping Jack Flash

18 – Sympathy For The Devil

Another good one: YouTube

18 – Satisfaction