Stockholm tonight!

The Rolling Stones - Stockholm 2022 Lithograph

Hell there, fans, folks and all,

I’ll update this page later today, because I’m heading north, about 400km, for a holiday visit. I’ll be back in time to check what’s goin on in Sweden. I still hope for good conditions for pictures, streams and, of course, a nice setlist.

The Rolling Stones - Stockholm 2022 Lithograph



LIVESTREAMS: Fedrik: SFTD, Satisfaction, Final Bows
Freddy: PIB! – 5:10
FREDDY: Midhnight Ramber! (6:05)
I don’t know what they’re playing right now, but OOC was great!!!
Arno (Insta) – 4:20 Ghost Town
Freddy again: Angie
FREDDY – OOC – 5:37
SVEN – LSTNT ,  3:15 – better signal
SUZIE B – 2:10 Intro, SFM

Katharina: 3:18 of support act Thastom

SETLIST: (partly guessed – will clarify and update asap)

  1. Street Fighting Man
  2. Let’s Spend The Night Together
  3. Tumbling Dice
  4. Out Of Time
  5. Out Of Control
  6. Angie
  7. You Can’t Always Get What You Want
  8. Living In A Ghost Town
  9. Honky Tonk Women
  10. You Got The Silver
  11. Connection
  12. Miss You
  13. Midnight Rambler
  14. Paint It Black
  15. Start Me Up
  16. Gimme Shelter
  17. Jumpin’ Jack Flash
  18. Sympathy For The Devil
  19. Satisfaction

Here we go::::

Out Of Control!

Ronnie’s solo on YVAGWYN:

Street Fighting Men