Show at Lyon, some infos

The Rolling Stones - Lyon 2022 Lithograph

In less than 24 hours, The Rolling Stones will play Groupama Stadion, Lyon, France.

I guess you have heard, that there is a heat wave happening currently in Europe. Portugal, Spain, Grece, Italy and France suffer from the heat. There are huge, fierce fires burning at the south-west atlantic coast in France with strong winds and temperatures crossing 42°C. Even in the north-west, the Bretagne, temeratures reached 38,5°C… oh, yes, we know why this happens and what the reason behind these conditions are.


The Rolling Stones - Lyon 2022 LithographAs for tomorrow’s show, let’s hope, band and staff can cope the heat. Lyon expects temperatures about 35°C around tomorrow’s show-start. So all you folks with tickets for this gig, take care and try to adjust your behaviour accordingly. The Stadium tweeted: “Small plastic bottles without caps, plastic water bottles up to 1 liter, misters and small pocket fans will be exceptionally authorized.” See below.
More informations can be found at Rolling Stones: how to prepare for the hot weather tomorrow

Mick greets:

Keith thanks Vienna:

Mick gets caught in Vienna: