Tour in 2021 and 2022

The Rolling Stones, No Filter Tour, Pasadena, August 22, 2019

As more bands announce their tours for this and next year, a similar announcement by The Rolling Stones appears to be more and more likely!

First rumours in the press have surfaced. Ok, it’s an austrian tabloid, OE24.AT, and as such, it’s far from being a reliable source, but nevertheless, the headline reads rather promising and sums up what seems to be the most likely scenario concerning the future plans of the band and it’s organizers:

Rolling Stones: Österreich-Konzert zum 60er
(Rolling Stones: Austrian concert for the 60th [anniversary])

Live. Herbst 2021: USA und Kanada. Sommer 2022: die große Europa-Tournee zum 60. Band-Jubiläum. Das sind die geheimen Tour-Pläne der Rolling Stones. Sofern sie nicht wieder Corona stoppt. Im Vorjahr fielen ja deshalb 15 US-Konzerte für 900.000 Fans aus.

(Live. Autumn 2021: [Tour in the] US and Canada. Summer 2022: big tour of europe to celebrate the 60th band-anniversary. These are the secret tour-plans of the Rolling Stones. Unless Corona stops them [from touring] again. 15 US tour-dates for 900.000 fans were cancelled [re-scheduled] last year, if you recall.) Stones US/Canada tour 2021, Europe 2022