La Villa – 1971

La Villa - The Rolling Stones 1971 Dominique Tarlé

You know, I’m into books about the Rolling Stones. Now a new one comes along and I just couldn’t resist…

The book’s called “La Villa – The Rolling Stones 1971” and is by Dominique Tarlé. Well, I think, you know this name and his story…

I own about 5 meters of Stones books and magazines. I have to admit, that so far I couldn’t afford to buy book-treasures such as Blinds&Shutters (Genesis) etc., but this time, I wanted to get this edition into my collection. Compared to other really expensive books about the Stones, this comes in at just 135.- Euro (about $164.-), which is not that expensive if you consider the costs of that production, the special paper choosen for bringing the photos across with enough brilliance to cope with Dominique’s originals. 

And even if this still is a lot of bread for me (shipping to Germany was another 25.- €; if you order it from the US, it will be a little bit more, I guess.), this time, I felt that everything fell into place and was reasonable. So no question: this is an opportunity and I just happily decided to order it.

Anyways, what convinced me was that I could afford it and that I simply love Dominique, his pictures and the times of 1971 in the Stones history.

So shorty after I can hold it in my hands and have gone through it, I’ll give you a review, and that’s a promise!

The book is sold by an art gallery, “Galerie de l’Instant” in France. Check out their exhibition of Tarlé’s Villa and have a look at the book!

Here are the details:

  • Limited French edition of 1500 numbered and signed copies
  • Limited English edition of 1500 numbered and signed copies
  • 154 photographs including 26 colors from the personal archives of Dominique Tarlé.
  • Personal comments by Dominique Tarlé on photographs throughout the book.
  • Hard cover, texts and images in debossing.
  • Printing on 190g / m2 “MAGNO NATURAL PEFC 100%.
  • 152 pages, closed format 31.5 x 31.5 cm (open 63×31.5 cm)
  • 33 rpm format.
  • Shipping within 4 to 6 days

La Villa - The Rolling Stones 1971 Dominique Tarlé

Affiche - La Villa - Dominique Tarlé

Taken from La Galerie de l’Instant’s site, some info about Dominique and the villa:

Exhibiton « La villa » From 19 May to 19 september Nice

58 rue Gioffredo Nice France

50 years ago, the biggest rock band in the world, the Rolling Stones, landed in the south of France. Following various tax woes in England, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts, Bill Wyman and Mick Taylor decided to come and seek shelter in France. The young photographer Dominique Tarlé who had known the band for a few years in London and on tour, came to join his favourite musicians in order to immortalise them in this new environment…

He began with the now-famous Villa Nellcote, rented by Keith Richards, overlooking Villefranchesur- mer harbour… He came to spend the day with the guitarist and his family, and will only leave 6 months later, following Keith’s invitation to enjoy this special moment in their lives. How do you refuse such an offer, when you are a fan of photography and rhythm and blues?

Dominique Tarlé then became the only photographer ever to live with this legendary band, at the height of their career, during the creation of the no less legendary album Exile on Main Street, going in the same day from the simplest daily events to the pure musical moments between professionals. This unforgettable summer would forever leave its mark on the photographer’s life and the history of rock’n’roll; the trust the band gave Dominique Tarlé still holds even today and is testimony to the sincere friendship that bound him to these artists..

Here is Julia Gragnon of La Galerie de l’Instant:

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