Rolling Stones Tour? What to expect…

Very nice tongue pic by Jason

Are The Rolling Stones planing for another tour?

What kind of tour would it be and where will the gigs happen?

Most likely, and this is also supported by rumours, is, that the band will first try to get the rescheduled 2020 tour dates done. This would most likely point to a tour of the US and Canada, maybe this fall. Of course, this can only happen, if the conditions of the pandemic allow such an undertaking.

Next up would be the 60 anniversary tour, most probably starting in Europe and, again, in dependance upon the pandemic situation then.

As the rumours begin to boil more and more during the last days, I feel the tension rising and I hope we can get to some more reliable informations soon. It all comes down to two conditions in order to let this happen:

  1. The band has to be in sufficiant shape and
  2. The pandemic has to be under control to such an extent, that a tour of this size, i.e. ‘Rolling Stones size’, is possible and financially viable.

Me, I don’t have the slightest doubt about the first condition: tickets will sell FAST!!

So let’s hope, we can get the second condtion right.