Keith strays from the setlist!

Keith strays from the setlist!

Christopher was kind enough to share with us his experience of one gig, the Stones played at Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia.

He believes it could have been in 2006, but to my knowledge, the Well Fargo Center was played in 2013, June 18 and 21. You can see the setlists at or here at (well, it’s a l-o-n-g page, see fot the first third when scrolling or search there for “Philadelphia #2” and “Philly gets stoned!”)

So here is what Christopher tells us about that night and the Stones. Were you there, too? Was it in 2013 or some other year? So, just comment, if you like!

I believe it was ‘06 at the Wells Fargo Center in Philly. The band was alternating Satisfaction and It’s Only Rock N Roll at the end of the show. It was feeling like an IORR night so of course we had our whole section in the cheap seats calling for it and we were up there but close to the stage. Close enough that we could most definitely be heard. Keith was feeling our section all night, feeding off our energy and letting us know in his way we’re appreciated.

As the night came to a close it was either IORR or Satisfaction left to play I believe as the last song of a 2 song encore. Our section must have been infectious because now more sections were screaming with us It’s Only Rock N Roll. Keith slides around the stage to our section and rips the opening riffs of IORR as we go crazy to hear it and that Keith is letting us know he’s with us, the rest of the band doesn’t stray from the replanned setlist and plays Satisfaction, totally hanging Keith and us out to dry.

Keith actually pointed to the setlist next to Charlie then to his head as almost to say my bad but we all knew what he meant. Having talked to people also at the show seated on the other side of the arena the next day the story was Keith was so wasted he played the wrong. Glad I wasn’t in their section. Keith always says he plays for the guy in the furthest away seat and he does. No matter where we’re at Keith also finds us and subtlety let’s you know he knows you there.

That connection with the audience is the absolute coolest part of the Stones, well Keith! Being on the level he’s on he’s like seeing a friend at the local bar tour after tour year after year. About 90% of an audience shows up to see a Rolling Stones concert but I’m never surprised to find that 10% of us that come to sing, dance, laugh, and party with Keith.

The next show a few days later in NY at MSG was probably the best IORR I’ve ever seen live.

Here are some pics from the Philly shows: