Rolling Stones Tour? What to expect…

Are The Rolling Stones planing for another tour?

What kind of tour would it be and where will the gigs happen?

Most likely, and this is also supported by rumours, is, that the band will first try to get the rescheduled 2020 tour dates done. This would most likely point to a tour of the US and Canada, maybe this fall. Of course, this can only happen, if the conditions of the pandemic allow such an undertaking.

Next up would be the 60 anniversary tour, most probably starting in Europe and, again, in dependance upon the pandemic situation then.

As the rumours begin to boil more and more during the last days, I feel the tension rising and I hope we can get to some more reliable informations soon. It all comes down to two conditions in order to let this happen:

  1. The band has to be in sufficiant shape and
  2. The pandemic has to be under control to such an extent, that a tour of this size, i.e. ‘Rolling Stones size’, is possible and financially viable.

Me, I don’t have the slightest doubt about the first condition: tickets will sell FAST!!

So let’s hope, we can get the second condtion right.


5 thoughts on “Rolling Stones Tour? What to expect…

  • June 10, 2021 at 5:20

    How sick is Ronnie Wood? I’ve seen recent posts with Rod Stewart and it’s obvious that he’s had chemo therapy. He looks very frail. I hope he feels better soon.

    • June 10, 2021 at 23:27

      Yes, he had to deal with a second cancer issue. This time it was aggressive. His first pictures after the treatment show him though happy, but clearly marked by the cancer therapy. See Ronnie meets Rod for this.

      However, his therapy was successful, as Jo Wood recently told the news as you can read in The DailyMail, The Sun or

      The Rolling Stone rocker’s ex-wife Jo Wood has admitted that it was a tough time for the whole family when he was diagnosed with small-cell cancer during lockdown, but she is grateful to see him getting better and she admits she is “very proud” of the singer.

      She said: “I’m very proud of him. I think they caught it early as he has a history of cancer in his family. It was very worrying, especially for the kids. But he’s much better. He’s going to be fine.”

      So far, it looks like Ronnie was one more time lucky. Much more so: he has just released his Jimmy Reed tribute, together with his ‘good guitar buddy‘, Mick Taylor… Let’s hope for the best and wish him a soon and solid recovery.

  • June 7, 2021 at 14:40

    With over $1,000.00 invested in Stones tickets for 2020 I would like to know if and when they are appearing in Pittsburgh, PA for the concert we have purchased tickets for?? What is needed to obtain our refund if they are not rescheduling this tour or this city?? Something needs to be done regarding this “no info policy”??

    • June 7, 2021 at 20:25

      Hi there, Beverly,

      I am in no near a representative for the band or the management. I’m just a fan, like you.
      I’m sure that, if there’s one possible way, the Stones will go on tour again and try to end the tour which was interrupted by Covid. If any plans toward this will come near a possible way to actually tour, all those questions will receive their answer. My guess (!) is, that if the venue can be re-booked, your tickets would still be valid. In case you would prefer a refund, the Stones management will have a deal ready with their insurances. They to some extend monitor fansites, forums and messageboards of their fans, so they will know what’s going on and will have recognized the many complaints about the refunds.

      In any case, we all are desperatly waiting for any announcement by the band, be it for new tourplans or the refund-policy!

      If anybody hears or sees anything

    • June 29, 2021 at 3:32

      No kidding! I paid over $800 for two tickets to see The Rolling Stones for the first time. The concert was scheduled for May 24, 2020. I get the Pandemic made them postpone, but give me a break! It’s already over a year. No chance for a refund according to the ticket seller unless they actually cancel the tour. What a bunch of crap. Cancel already and refund the fans!


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