Private gig – Aftermath

Private gig in Boston - setlist

As expected, after a few hours, the media snippets come through.

First, naturally, came the video snippets from the Stones own app (download and login to “The Rolling Stones” at Google’s play store), then to the ‘Fan Feed’, there you can see and hear some 1 minute ++ snippets of

  • 19th Nervous Breakdown
  • Satisfaction
  • Trouble’s A Comin’
  • Miss You
  • Jumping Jack Flash

Meanwhile, they have been uploaded to YT, as you can see below, so enjoy the clips! Thx to EdBMusic for uploading them for us!
Of course, if possible from these meager sources, you can tell that Steve Jordan’s drums sound different, harder and more precise, maybe a little bit less swinging than Charlie’s drumming. Quite naturally so – differnet drummer, different drum kit, different playing equals different sound.

Nevertheless, they sound rocking, egdy and rolling, hat’s for sure. Keith’s bandana has grown (hehehe) and it’s nice to see Ronnie on stage again and recovered. His hair though needs some more time to grow longer, me thinks…

As for the setlist: they left out one of the encore numbuers and didn’t play “Don’t Stop”.

More details are to be expected for sure. If you were at the gig: post some review for us here, please!
Just see “Leave a Reply below”!

Mick: “This is the first show of our 2021 tour. So this it… This a try-out .. for us. I must say though, it’s a bit of a poigniant night for us. This is the first tour in fifty-nine years that we’ve done without our lovely Charlie Watts. And we all miss Charlie so much. We miss him as a band. We miss him as a friend. On and off the stage and we’ve got so many memories of Charlie and I’m sure some of you that have seen us before have got memories of Charlie as well. And I hope you will remember him like we do. So we’d like to dedicate this show to Charlie. So let’s have a drink! To Charlie!
Ronnie: “Charlie, man, we’re praying for you and we’re playing for you!

Private gig in Boston - setlist