Just 5 days away from the private gig they will do for the Kraft family on September 20th.

So rehearsals as well as soundchecks are most likely going on. As for the songs they rehearse, infromation was very sparse. No wonder, for last week must have been really tough for them because they couldn’t attend Charlie’s funeral.

Nevertheless, this is what surfaced just yesterday:

  • Crazy Mama
  • Living In The Heart Of Love
  • Beast Of Burden
  • Wild Horses
  • Heartbreaker (Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo)
  • Flip The Switch
  • Ghost Town

Haven’t heared any more details yet. But we can be almost sure that they rehearse the set of songs they play every night in order to get the sound with Steve done. Then, of course, they need “more ammo” for the gigs, so they will rehearse a string of other songs which they didn’t play that often live, as well as maybe some that they never did on stage before. .. and then, of course, they just jam, too.