All set up for tour rehearsals! Which songs do you want added to the set list?

The rehearsals are continuing since weeks, as we can read in an article at

Entitled “‘The calm in the storm’: Bernard Fowler, Tim Ries talk about losing their friend, Charlie Watts“, text by Cindy Stagoff there is this passage where Tim Ries is cited:

Mick and Keith and Ronnie are there with Steve Jordan on drums and (keyboardist) Chuck Leavell and (bassist) Darryl Jones,” he said, last week. “They’ve already been rehearsing for a couple of weeks now. So, for us (Ries and Fowler), arriving next week, it’s going to be a shock and weird walking in the room and seeing the drums.

We all will experience weired feelings when the tour finally starts in St. Louis…

Thanks to Peter W, [UC] for pointing that out!
Rehearsals picture attached is from 2019!