Rumored timetable for the 2022 Europe Tour

The Rolling Stones in Austin - 19-11-2021

Austrian tabloid OE24.AT again shares more detailed information with us.

Under the Headline “Neue Stones-Pläne für Wien” (New plans by the Stones for Vienna – accessible for me via VPN with standpoint Europe), they write:

The Stones keep event organizers and fans on their toes. The tour is rescheduled. Right now, there are two possible dates for the Happel Stadium in Vienna: July 22nd or 23rd.

July 22 was planned – now the new routing of the Rolling Stones could postpone the sensational Vienna concert in the Ernst Happel Stadium by one day. Mick Jagger wants a three-day regeneration break between the respective performances and since the Stones are now planning a concert in Lyon, France on July 19th, the greatest hits show in Vienna could probably “only” happen on July 23rd. A date, that was originally planned for Munich, but the Stones now want to rock there on June 5th.

With their new tour plans, the Rock-Dions [sic – they probably meant ‘Dinos’] are keeping organizers and fans on their toes: The tour plan is currently being finalized and is being improved almost daily. They collect offers for 14 European concerts. However, everything should be fixed by March 9th. On that date, the Stones want to officially announce their 60th anniversary tour. The Vienna concert date is considered to be fixed – either July 22nd or July 23rd.

Woah, that’s nice! 14 dates!!