For me, it’s Gelsenkirchen!

For me, it’s Gelsenkirchen!

Finally, this tour is becoming real. Presale is running!

In case you didn’t get the presale-code from, it’s very likely the same for everyone: rocksoff

As I looked at the tourdates, I chose Gelsenkirchen for my take of this tour. So on July 26, 27 and 28 there maybe will be no news here at, because I’ll be on my way to the show.

I will try to get a stream of the show running, too. I only have limited ressources but at least I will try to get that thing running. I don’t know if it will work, but I’ll try. Of course, you will receive the details where to find it before the show; I’ll post it here.

All across Europe (and even beyond) people are heavy involved with travel plans, hotel bookings, buying tickets for one, two or even more shows of this tour. What a lovely buzz! And even if it’s stress and get’s on your nerves… I tell you something: You’ll miss it dearly once this band stops touring!

Sometimes, people sent in e-mails with some lines and a picture, telling about their love for this band or where they have seen them. And I would like to show them to you now. All of them agreed to quote them here. So here we go:

Mario writes:

I was at the Glendale Phoenix concert on 26-08-2019, it was the last time I saw Charlie. My passion for the Stones started when I was 11 years old in 1967. I hope to be able to attend the concert commemorating 60 years, preference in London in Hyde Park (magical and symbolic place for the Stones). Until then.

Mario at the Glendale Phoenix concert on 26-08-2019

Kerry writes:

The Grrrr Tour . at The Meadowlands. You had to find the Stones employee in a gorilla mask . Well my daughter saw him and we were upgraded to the pit . We also had back stage passes and Charlie was kind enough to take this shot . I’m so glad I have a photo with Charlie. Thank you for all the good times and RIP 🪦 Charlie. God Bless ! Thank you for the music

Kerry: meeting Charlie at the Meadowlands

Tom writes:

First consert was in Oslo 1965….24 after that…the last one in Warsaw 2018….I want to see them again on this tour…2 times…. [The picture:] It is from Oslo 2007…me and my son.

Tom and his son - Oslo 2007

What’s your plans for this tour?

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