Ah, the new album

Stones Sixty Europe Tour 2022

It’s so nice: another Stones tour’s ahead! And, er, ther was another thing …

Ah, yes, right. The new album! Since A Bigger Bang, an album which is much better than it’s title (IMHO, sorry), it’s been 17 years that we waited for a new official studio album.

Oh yes, there was Blue & Lonesome (2016) and I truly love this album from A to Z. But wasn’t that the surprising outcome of the band playing and jamming in the studio FOR a new album? Yes, it was. Now, what about that new album?

In the course of interviews that sourround any tour announcements, we can find several hints about productive days, Mick and Keith spent in Jamaica recently.
Well, here you go:

music-news.com: Keith Richards has been ‘playing a lot of bass’ on new Rolling Stones tunes

nme.com: Keith Richards says he’s been “playing a lot of bass” on The Rolling Stones’ new tracks

guitar.com: Keith Richards Confirms Rolling Stones Are Writing With Drummer Steve Jordan: “We Came Up With Eight Or Nine New Pieces Of Material

musictimes.com: ‘Rolling Stones’ New Music Coming Soon? Keith Richards Sets the Record Straight


And if you like a good read, here’s a nicely extensive article in rollingstone.com with an interview with Bernard Fowler with lots of Stones content. Really recommended.