Mick asks us …

Mick asks us …

In his latest Tweet, Mick asks us about songs the band’s gonna play.

Apparently sitting in some living room with an acoustic guitar and a plugged in Fender Strat guitar, Mick plays some chords and the asks us which songs we would like to hear on the upcoming Europe tour.

I think, he already did something like this before. Of course, the band will play the usual setlist with 2 or 3 variable songs strewn in. One of them will most likely be chosen by  public song vote, as we have seen on the last tours.

If there’s something new to the setlist this time, I wonder what it would be. To be honest, I don’t expect them to change lots of things this tour. I for one would like them to open with Street Fighting Man and playing JJF as last song before the encores. These two songs really kill and should be added to every show. Keith does You Got The Silver really well and I will enjoy hearing him sing it. Maybe they’ll put Brown Sugar back on the list?

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More Information

Frank from Cologne sent in this message with some nice suggestions:

Hello, I am 66 year old a great Stones-Fan from Germany, your website is very good!! I have sent three messages on Twitter to Mick about the setlists. I think it’s Time to change some songs from them: „Time waits for no one, Confession the blues, Love is strong and why not Drift away“ for example – I am very happy see them at Gelsenkirchen
Greetings from Cologne (Köln)!!