French site lists 14 dates for upcoming Europe Tour

A french Stones Fansite, sympathyforthedevils, lists no less than 14 venues for the expected Rolling Stones Europe Tour 2022!

No source or credits are given, but that’s ok – it’s not the official announcement, but I think it comes close to what we will see next Monday…

In that page, SympathyForTheDevils mention these venues for
June 2022: Madrid, München, Liverpool, Amsterdam, Bern, Milan and London
And for July: London, Helsinki, Bruxelles, Gelsenkirchen, Lyon, Paris, Wien and Stockholm
(update March 12)

In 2017, already had interesting infos about the tour which started in autumn that year – check out the archives 2017-1 if you like


That page (by now at least) doesn’t have a running SSL-connection. In this case, though, there’s no need to worry… but they should fix this, really…


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