Mick in RS, Q107 interview

Mick in Düsseldorf, June 19 2014

June 11 – Mick in RS, Q107 interview

=> Mick gave Rolling Stone an interview – the first since his OP. He told Rolling Stone:

I’m feeling pretty good, … been rehearsing a lot lately in the last few weeks – This morning [I did] a bit of gym. Nothing crazy. Then I go into rehearsal with the rest of the band. … I don’t do it [i.e. tours] all the time, [like] 12 months a year. When you’re young, that’s what you do. [Today I] spend three or four months on the road in a year and that seems to be quite a good balance.

Go and get the whole thing at Rolling Stone: Mick Jagger Talks Stones Tour in First Post-Surgery Interview and at Radio Q107, The Daily Derringer Podcast – get [the real] Mick from 2:45 onwards until 10:48 …