Chicago – the stage grows!

Chicago – the stage grows!

June 18 – The stage is being set up

UPDATE (about 4:30 pm): according to the man on the scene, 2020Joe, they also played Street Fighting Man, Under My Thumb, 2 times Sad Sad Sad, a short YCAGWYW without guitar and Angie … the opening video was also played/tested ..

UPDATE (about 4pm and later, Chicago time): apparently, the band is on styge right now, rehearsing Tumbling Dice (thx 2120Joe, iorr) and (I’m sure) other songs – they usually do this before gigs, so that the crew has a test for all the lightning and video features which have to work perfectly at showtime! Today it might just be a loose soundcheck, tomorrow or the day after they will do the ‘dress rehearsal’ and will play an extended set – er, I mean, they usually do … 🙂

erbissell [iorr] sent us this b/w update – thx! – check out the huge PIT… it’s definitely bigger than in EU


Oh what a sight! I so much wish to be there!

The construction is well developed, it seems. It’s the same set-up we have seen in Europe lately – it’s fantastic! Those screens are just huge and wonderful – and the crew nicely uses it throughout the concert. You will love it! 🙂

The stage in Chicago - June 18, 2019 - pic by erbissell, iorr

Thx for the pic erbissell [iorr]

Bill German tells – June 24, Chicago

Bill German's book - if haven't already - read it! ;-)

June 18 – Good ol’ Bill German will tell anecdotes of his years with the band!

He’ll be in Chicago, June 24, at Transamobia Studio, 7 pm.
Tickets: 20 bucks
($21.99 w/service fee)

Here’s the official note:

Author and Rolling Stones insider Bill German discusses his ups and downs with “the greatest rock ‘n’ roll band in the world.”  His book, Under Their Thumb, chronicles his unlikely friendships with Mick and Keith, and how he went from being a teenage fan (who approached them in New York City) to being hired as their official historian.  He traveled the world with them, stayed at their homes, and witnessed their private jam sessions, decadent parties, and vicious in-fights.  He’ll share his humorous anecdotes and never-before-seen photos at Transamobia Studio on Monday, June 24, at 7 pm.

THX for the tip, LuvGlimmerTwins [sdb]

Bill German's book - if haven't already - read it! ;-)

Ronnie greets from Chicago!

Sweet Home Chicago!

June 18 – Ronnie greets us from Chicago!

He tweets: “Sweet Home Chicago! Can’t wait for the tour to start this Friday in Chicago! Who’s coming to the shows?!

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